Tuesday, 1 August 2017

It Really Works!

Okay, before I get started I'll just cut to the chase. Yes, 15 Minute Manifestation really works! 

Here's the catch... It only works if you want it to. What I mean is that you have to go into this wholeheartedly. I did and got amazing results.

Before I give you my long story, let me tell you how it works. 

15 Minute Manifestation is basically three audio tracks that you listen to for 15 minutes a day. Each week has its own audio track to listen to. That brings it to a total of three weeks of listening to audio tracks for 15 minutes a day.

While listening to these tracks, which consists of music and sounds, you are to meditate on what you really want in your life. New car, new job, better relationships and the big one, more money. 

Now, considering all the self help books I have read, these audio tracks were the only thing that worked for me. Not saying you shouldn't read self help books, but you can skip all that reading and just meditate on what you want out of life. Hey, you can even read the self help books while meditating as I did sometimes. It's all about speaking and thinking words of affirmation over your life. 

These audio tracks are very relaxing and helps you to change the way you think. It makes no sense thinking about what you don't want in your life. Think only positive thoughts. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, some of you reading this blog can say "Well I can think positive thoughts without the audio." I'm not saying you can't, but with 15 Minute Manifestation you compliment those positive thoughts. It basically gives those thoughts more power. Well, in my case it did.

Story time! I'll try to be as brief as possible.

I struggled with depression most of my life and of course with depression there is only doom and gloom all the time. 

Whenever I could muster up the strength to read a self-help book, I would. Don't get me wrong, it worked, but only for a time. Shortly, maybe days, after I read the books, I would fall back into my depression.

One day I was browsing online looking for something that would help me. I didn't like feeling depressed and I don't know if anyone would want to feel depressed. 15 Minute Manifestation popped up in my search engine. I thought to myself "Oh no. Another self-help book."

I listened to the story of the creator of 15 Minute Manifestation, Eddie Sergey, and I was intrigued. 

I was happy to find out that it wasn't another self help book. I could just relax for 15 minutes a day and basically rewire my mind. 

Couple of days after I didn't feel depressed anymore. I was rewriting my story. I started to speak only about positive things. 

My relationships with persons got better. No longer were they running from me because I had a sad story about my life to give them. 

I do graphic work and animation on the side to supplement my pay. There were a couple jobs that came in before, but as soon as I started thinking positive and listened to 15 Minute Manifestation, so many requests came in that I had to turn down some. 

More jobs equate to more money of course.

I wanted to start my own studio and didn't know how to go about doing it. The right people started showing up in my life and are basically guiding me now into this new venture.

I have always dreamed about leaving my job and work for myself. That hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure on the right track.

In short, take 15 minutes out of your day and listen to these tracks. You will not regret it. 

I'm not promising you that your results will be the same. I'm just telling you that it worked for me and maybe it can work for you.

Click the link below to hear Eddie's story and get started with 15 Minute Manifestation

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